Weir River

NBAN ADVOCATES for First Nation water rights and interests (including Cultural Flows), First Nations people’s access to water and the inclusion of these peoples in water management decision-making, at a federal and state level.

“Cultural Flows are water entitlements that are legally and beneficially owned by [First] Nations, of a sufficient and adequate quantity and quality to improve the spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic conditions of those [First] Nations. This is our inherent right.” – Echuca Declaration, 2010

NBAN provides STRATEGIC ADVICE on policy development, project execution and program delivery, and on culturally appropriate engagement, to facilitate best practice in federal and state government adherence to its legal commitments with respect to First Nations.

NBAN delivers and partners on PROJECTS that:

  • Employ the principle of free, prior and informed consent.
  • Ensure that the ownership of the traditional ecological knowledge communicated during the project remains with the Nation.
  • Improve the spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic conditions of participating Nations.
  • Empower Nations and build their capacity in water management.

NBAN Directors and Delegates are the TRADITIONAL ECOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE holders for their Nations. They communicate this knowledge and their expertise of land and water management in the northern Murray-Darling Basin by participating in projects and representing NBAN on a number of committees and advisory groups.

NBAN promotes state and federal water management “WATER LITERACY” amongst its Delegates and supports these Delegates to disseminate water literacy information to their peoples.

NBAN fosters TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION between its Nations, and its government and non-government partners, as well as other interested parties and the broader public.