Macquarie River

Our Goals

NBAN’s overarching goal is to protect and advance northern Basin First Nations’ interests. We will achieve this by:

Confederating and creating a forum for First Nations in the northern Murray-Darling Basin.

Speaking with a strategic, unified voice about cultural and natural resource matters.

Providing advice and making recommendations to federal and state departments, and other government and non-government agencies.

Supporting northern Basin First Nations’ representatives to develop their capacity.

Encouraging and supporting Elders and youth to be involved, and where possible, conducting public programs.

Disseminating information relating to education and First Nation programs.

Establishing and maintaining relationships and close communications with, and seeking and co-ordinating funding from government and non-government partners that support NBAN’s goals.

Establishing mechanisms to meet the spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic interests of First Nations people, in the lands and waters of the northern Murray-Darling Basin.

Our Principles

NBAN is guided by the following principles, which serve as the foundation for all of our partnerships:

First Nations people speak with cultural authority. They are connected by bloodlines to their ancestral lands and waters, and have obligations under their law and lore, and through their cultural customs, to care for their Country.

 First Nation peoples are to be engaged through a process of free, prior and informed consent, in an environment where they do not feel intimidated, and where they have sufficient time to discuss in their own language, and in a culturally appropriate way, matters affecting their spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic rights and interests.

First Nation peoples have a right to be self-determining, so that they may participate in a real and meaningful way, in water and natural resource management.

Federal and state water management policy, programs and projects should result in spiritual, cultural, environmental, social and economic outcomes that are equitable, sustainable and appropriate for all First Nations people.

Partnerships between NBAN and its government and non-government partners are based on respect and honesty. NBAN encourages two-way learning that builds the capacity of all partners to achieve meaningful outcomes for First Nations people.