Our Values

1. Respect,

  • Having respect for others and ourselves, and accepting the right of others to hold different or opposing views, including listening to others without interrupting.
  • Respecting member nations as individual sovereign nations under their own law and custom.

2. Recognition

  • Acknowledgement of rights, obligations and responsibilities of each Sovereign Nation under their own laws and customs.

3. Caring and sharing

  • This is the way we acknowledge each other in all our relationships in dealing with each other as Sovereign First Nations of the northern Basin.

4. Trust and honesty

  • Being consistently honest and trustworthy in all we do and say when doing business with other organisations.

5. Accountability and transparency

  • Through careful governance we will ensure all our business and administrative activities are accountable and transparent.

6. Ethical leadership

  • Following our code of conduct for meetings and gatherings, setting an example for future leaders.